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Space Availability - Test Proctoring

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The Dulaney-Browne Library offers space and test proctoring services to OCU professors for OCU courses only. The students taking the tests may need additional time or other accommodations, or may have missed a test and need to make it up.

Professors, not students, make these requests by completing the request form a minimum of 4 days before the desired test time. Usually within 1 working day of the request being made, the professor will receive an email either approving or denying the request. A request may be denied if, for example, another test is being given at that time with conflicting conditions (e.g., one exam will involve audio clips being played, but the other exam requires quiet); or if no Zoom-capable room is available. Professors are welcome to then try to reschedule for another time/day. Any special accommodations or instructions must be indicated when making the request. The test itself must be sent to the Access Services Librarian at a minimum of 1 full working day before the scheduled time, or the proctored test reservation will be canceled and the professor must make other arrangements.

Once the request has been approved, professors must notify the student taking the test of the time and day by forwarding the approval email (which includes this information). Students should come to the front desk of the library 5 minutes before the scheduled time to leave their belongings in a locker behind the desk. This will normally include cell phones, laptops, and backpacks unless the professor has requested that the student be able to use an item during the exam. A library staff member will then escort the student to a library study room and start a Zoom session with the student visible on the camera. The staff member will return to their workstation and monitor the student over Zoom. When the test is completed, the student will inform the library staff member, who will return to the study room to pick up the test and turn off the Zoom session. The student will return to the main desk to collect their belongings. The staff member will scan the test and email it to the professor, retaining the paper copy until the faculty member acknowledges successful receipt of the emailed copy.

Faculty should schedule the entire time allotted for the exam for that student, including any time allowed for accommodations (if applicable).

For example: If an in-class exam is supposed to take 50 minutes, and the student's accommodation gives them time and a half, then the exam should be scheduled for 75 minutes. Library staff do not know what accommodations a student has been granted; it is the professor's responsibility to indicate these for each student, each time a test is scheduled.

Click on the Go to Date button below to select a specific date for the test, or click Next Available to find the soonest that a test can be scheduled.

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